Okoborehime to Entaku no Kishi Volume 3 Chapter 4 Release

I have finished the loooong chapter 4! This translation has around 12k words! And as always, I have set the paper size of the pdf to A5 so the font size is at least mobile friendly.

At the present, I don’t have a laptop so I am only typing the translations in my phone and use some other resources to arrange the layout and convert to pdf so please forgive any typo errors. But do comment if you found an error! I will modify it as soon as I can.

I just noticed that the manga had altered some of the sequences of the events in the novel. You can try and compare the two if you have time.

I think my releases will be monthly seeing I usually take a month (or more) to finish everything. I hope you all enjoy this release! Now go and click on the picture! Or visit this page.

6 thoughts on “Okoborehime to Entaku no Kishi Volume 3 Chapter 4 Release

  1. Thank you so much for translating this!! I love this novel and you’ve done such a beautiful, amazing job with it. I was wondering if you have a patreon or something? I’d love to donate to show my appreciation!

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    1. Thank you for the support!
      I really appreciate it 🙂

      I also do not have a patreon or some means to receive donation right now, but I’ll try and see if I can have something set up.
      So for now, please just continue spreading the love for the series!

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  2. Thank you so much for translating this novel! It’s my favorite light novel! It must have been really difficult to you to type it all in your phone! I already read the chapter and it was great! I didn’t saw any typo in it. Thanks ❤

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  3. A few months late to this party but thank you so much for resuming this series!!! I had really enjoyed what was published of the manga and that got me into reading the light novel as well, so I’m very happy that there are at least more chapters of the light novel again ^.^

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