Okobore Hime Volume 3 Chapter 3 Release

I have finished translating the third chapter for this volume!!!

The next chapter is quite long. This Chapter 3 is 35 pages worth of the original, while Chapter 4 is 53! I cannot make any promises when I can release it but it will definitely take longer than Chapter 3. But rest assured I am already starting the translation of Chpater 4, so just hang in there because that chapter is quite action-packed (though readers of the manga probably know about it.)

I am also in possession of the raws (thanks to Aqua’s raw provider) for a collection of AU (alternate universe) stories of some of the novels of the publisher and, of course, Okobore Hime has one! Rather two AU stories because Enterbrain released two of this collection. I plan to translate at least one of them in the near future. Maybe after Volume 4 since that is where the manga has left us hanging.

I’ll try my best to get to that point as fast as possible because I’m sure releasing chapters for the unknown parts of the story would spark again the interest for this series.

Now go on and read the chapter! Click on the picture or go to the Okobore Hime page.

6 thoughts on “Okobore Hime Volume 3 Chapter 3 Release

  1. Wow. I thought this series would never have updates again. But here you are working hard to have the chapters translated. Thank you so much for all that you do. You are an angel from the heavens!

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